After way too much procrastination, we finally found the time to assemble this little list. It is by no means comprehensive and can only be used as a starting point by those who are new to the scene and may have discovered our own site by pure accident. (Members of the "WE" community will probably already know about all of the sites mentioned here.) It is also a work-in-progress and, if you are the webmaster of a site that we have forgotten, please drop us a line and we will try to correct the over site.

That said, there is one entire group of sites that is conspicuously absent from this page: the Yahoo Clubs and Groups. While we hate to generalize, this particular piece of the net has been something of a sore spot for us. Yahoo has made it all too easy for people to steal our photos and distribute them under the false guise of "free speech." In all fairness, many of the administrators of these groups have been very polite and honest with us and we certainly do not want to paint everyone with the same black brush. But Yahoo itself has been very slow to respond to some of our complaints and, in the end, we have no choice but to see that entire corporation as a depressing analog to the MP3/napster scandal. In short, we refuse to support Yahoo (the corporation) in any way and, as a result, we simply won't link to the Clubs and Groups. To those Yahoo Club/Group owners who do respect our copyright: please accept our apologies and we thank you for understanding our position on this matter.

And so with that lengthy preamble, here is our modest little list of links:





Fun and artistic, Canntoon's site is light in tone and features cannibal-themed cartoons and original art. Wonderful tone, with just the right mix of nostalgia and playfulness. The forum is very art-oriented and has become one of our favorites. Highly recommended!


Dolcett Girls Forum

Perro Loco and his lovely assistant opened this board in August of 2003 and it has quickly become the most active of all of the WE forums -- by a very, very large margin! While this place uses Dolcett's artwork as a philisophical starting point, it has evoloved in a direction that makes it one of the friendliest and most civilized discussion boards on the net -- on any subject! (Personally, we are not as much into Dolcett as some people may think. Our kink is specifically the cannibalism, which Dolcett included prominently among his many other "total submission" themes.) Whatever your own personal tweak, Dolcett Girls is tolerant of a wide spectrum of views and discussions have a lively-but-sane flavor. Hats off to Perro and Anne-Marie for providing the community with a viable alternative to the increasingly-lame adultforums-- this is definitely the current happenin' place!


Other Woman-Eating Sites:


Cookbook for Cannibals

Gurgurant's cannibal haven and, unfortunately, much smaller than it used to be: The original Cookbook for Cannibals was one of the very first cannibal sites on the net and legendary in the community. Bandwidth issues forced a move to a new server and access was available for a nominal subscription fee. That didn't work out and Scifi-Fantasy pulled the plug sometime last year... Too bad, as the content was quite original (if you saw it elsewhere, it was probably lifted from here), and Gurgurant is one of the most knowledgeable and "civilized" cannibals out there. This skeleton site is all that remains for now but it does include Gurgurant's impressive encyclopedia of cannibal films. We still have our fingers crossed for a new Cookbook to open someday soon!


Cap'n Kitten and the Space Bunnies

A beautiful site with lots of wonderfully kinky artwork by its lovely owner, Carrie. Wickedly funny and witty! Its former location on internetdump made it agonizingly slow but we are very proud (and honored!) to be able to announce that we are now hosting it as a Muki-sponsored site -- the work is all Carrie's though and you don't even have to put up with any advertising from us! BTW: unlike Sickest Sites, we do not think Carrie's artwork is in the least bit "crude." There are many subtle details in the faces of her characters, that make each and every drawing a gem!


Hex Vixen's Lair

Hex Vixen has been part of the WE community for years now and was the original founder of the Girl-Flesh Forum (which has spun completely out of control now and has been eliminated from our list of recommended forums). She is witty, fun, and has an unerring sense of what is artistic about the fetish. Do check this place out and make sure you see her stories and cartoons!


The Dolcett Archives

La Casa Dolcett lives on in this archived monument to the artist (and his muse). Originally started by Karyn, this became one of the places for closet cannibals to go on the net and was probably the main reason for the reclusive Dolcett's popularity. Karyn has long since retired but the site is maintained by the wonderful folks at Necrobabes. One word of warning: Dolcett's work is considerably "harsher" than ours and may cause nightmares for the squeamish. (Of course, who are we kidding -- Disney's work shows more gore than we do... ;-)


Boiled Alive!

Another site by an old friend, Boiled Alive has been around for as long as we can remember and remains a wonderful place for those of us who prefer the girl-in-a-pot scenario. Very well organized, with some soul-searching thoughts on this strange fantasy.



Link Farms:


The Internet's Sickest Sites!

When Muki's Kitchen first went on line, we quickly got an award from this terrific resource. You can still find a prominent link to us in their "Cannibalism and People-Eating" section. Years later, we are finally getting around to acknowledging the honor and returning the favor. Warning: some of the sites listed here really are pretty sick! -- Enter at your own risk. (Then again, you might have first found us there so "what the hell..." ;-)


The Dark Fetish Yellowpages

Truly a resource for the lover of the creepy and unusual. While our links page only scratches the surface, Darksites plumbs the very depths. Many of the Yahoo-Clubs that we won't list can also be found here. Our link takes you right to their cannibal page but you can explore the rest of this huge site from there.



Some of our Models (past & present):

Jewell Marceau

Jewell has appeared in over seven portfolios now (more than any other Muki-model), including our own personal favorite, "How to Cook a Girl." Besides being truly delicious-looking, she is a pleasure to work with and very professional. Thanks to her, we also get a lot of new model referrals! Her site has lots of diverse material and is very reasonably priced. Tell her Mr & Mrs Muki said "Hi!"


Artist/model Megh has started up her own site and it is wonderful! Full of campy, funny cannibal themed art, it is a pleasure to browse through and well worth the visit. Highly recommended!

Natali Demore

Natali was a pleasure to work with and very professional -- as well as being quite delicious! Her own site, Bondage Orgasms, features girl/girl bondage, forced orgasms, breath play, strap-on play, breast bondage and lots more... Fun and sexy, we found it to be as delightful as Natali herself. Also has quite a few other familiar models!


Zille Defeu's fetish fantasies

Zille was one of our earlier models and, though she has mostly retired from active modeling, we still consider her a favorite. No longer associated with DarkPlay, the link above takes you to her personal blog. She also wrote up a very flattering review of her experience and there are links to it on several of our pages. (Aw heck, here it is again: Zille's review of Muki's Kitchen)

Anastasia Pierce

Anastasia has posed for several of our portfolios, usually playing the role of the chef but she was also the entree in one of our favorites, "Netted Ham!" She is amazing to work with, becoming as much of an assistant as the beautiful model we asked for. She gets completely into the role, understands our style and tone, and is the perfect collaborator. Our link to her page is long overdue.

Lydia's Domain

Lydia appeared in "Raspberry Redhead" and will soon be playing the role of the chef (actually a sexy witch!) in an upcoming Halloween portfolio. Her interests in fetish are extremely diverse and her own personal website clearly reflects her open-mindedness. Wonderful to work with, we consider ourselves honored to be her friends.

Stacy Burke's Fetish a Go-Go

Another well-known model in the nichy world of fetish and kink, Stacy's first contact with us was at a GlamorCon show in Los Angeles. We finally got her into our kitchen and she took the role of the playful chef, expertly cooking up her long-time friend, Jewell Marceau. Fun to work with and very professional, her own site is infamous in the community and it is a pleasure exchanging links with her!

Ashley Renee

No one was more surprised than we were when we got an email from Ashley Renee, asking to be cooked at Muki's Kitchen. A legend in the industry, Ashley worked hard to make sure that we got every shot right and (as always!) looked great doing it! A friend of Jewell's, she posed in our recent update of the J-3K and has referred even more new models our way. Her site is very popular, has tons of material, and is updatd frequently.


Syn cooked Tami (and then ended up being served herself) in a couple of our early photo shoots. Some samples of her work with us can be seen in the free pages and she does pop up now and then on other similarly-themed sites. We promise to bring back some of her portfolios soon!



Other places we just like:


Ken Marcus

Many, many years ago, Mr Muki enriched his photography education by assisting for Ken Marcus. Ken is a personal friend and truly one of the deans of erotic photography. If you are looking for artistic photos of bondage and fetish themes, this is the place to go!


Lorelei's Bedroom Bondage

Lorelei is one of those people we just love: completely down to earth yet openly kinky. Her sites set standards by which all fetish sites could be judged. Playful, professional, and oh so satisfying, Bedroom Bondage has been around for more than 10 years and still feels completely fresh. Beautiful models, many of whom have posed for Muki's Kitchen (and many others who we still want to cook! :-)

... .


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