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"Mommy's Little Chicken..."

When Coco was growing up, she used to enjoy watching her mother prepare dinner and sometimes (because it was fun to frighten herself) she would imagine what it would be like to be the chicken in the oven. This photostory is an illustration of Coco's childhood dreams, with her as a young adult and her Mom as a happy homemaker.

This portfolio contains 48 color images.



"Will Work as Food?"

Agatha plays an exotic dancer, hired for an exclusive private event. But instead of the big, fat tip she was expecting, her hosts inform her that she's going to be grilled alive! (Boy, is she ever pissed...) Relax, crack open a beer, and thow another stripper on the barbie!

This portfolio contains 43 color images.



"Batty Witch's Brew!"

Andrea Rosu plays an absolutely crazy, ditzy, sexy witch. In concocting her magic potion, she searches for the perfect missing ingredient and comes to the baffling conclusion that it is herself! Not wanting to be turned into a newt, Mr Muki just quietly snapped away...

This portfolio contains 42 color images.


"Jewell is Fattened Up and Roasted!"

Jewell had been working out a lot and her figure was neat and trim. (A little too trim for our tastes! ;-) We kept her penned for a few weeks and fed her all the donuts she could eat. After she had plumped up a bit, we humanely dispatched her and roasted her for our holiday feast. She was delicious and her flesh was perfectly marbled...

This portfolio contains 40 color images.



"Hairless Ham!"

Hair today, cooked tomorrow... DeeDee arrived in our kitchen ready to roast (other than her eyebrows, she had no hair at all) and she looked delicious! Naturally, we couldn't resist. We baked her in our oven, trussed up like a whole hog, and served her with sweet peppers.

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



"Violet, with Black Pepper and Pineapple"

We met Violet on a trip up the coast and thought she would make a great meal. Luckily for us, she turned out to be gullible and completely bought our story about just being photographers and only wanting to take pictures. As expected, she was delicious!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



Here is where we will be reviving our older portfolios, for those who may have missed them the first time around. To make things just a little more fun, the image-sets in any of these eight "slots" (portfolios 9 through 16) are subject to change at any time -- with no posted schedule or prior warning -- which means that it is possible for a change to take place while a subscriber's one-week of membership is still active. If this should happen in the slot you had purchased, you would get the new contents (a second portfolio) without needing to pay for it because your access was still working when the change happened. No promises though, as the current contents in any slot could be here for just a week or stay up for a few months... Good luck and enjoy!

The past portfolios of the moment are...




Ondine is served up as a long-pig!

It was bound to happen... Shortly after cooking up Zille, Ondine's "friends" decided that what was good for the roastee was good for the chef. Images include our first spread-eagle suspension, stuffing, trussing, cooking and serving. Another delicious model meets her ultimate destiny!

This portfolio contains 40 color images.



Kendra & Anastasia in "Grilled Redhead!"

Kendra James gets a warm reception at Muki's Kitchen when Anastasia Pierce captures her and then barbecues her on the grill. Done up in our usual "cookbook" style (with a couple of new details!), this set shows capture, suspension/dispatch, preparation, cooking, and serving in a long platter. A feast for the eyes!

This set contains 44 color images.



Raspberry Redhead

Lydia arrived at our studios all neatly wrapped in plastic and ready for cooking. She cooperatively basted herself and we wasted no time in getting her on the grill. Once she was properly roasted, we garnished her with a few strategically placed fruits and served her on a bed of banana leaves!

This portfolio contains 40 images, all in color.



"Roundbottom Stew"

Megh returns to Muki's Kitchen for her fourth time -- only to end up being cooked in a pot by savage cannigal, Candace Von. Moody sets, fun and sexy girls, and a looping video clip with jungle drums makes this a portfolio to remember. Soup's on!

This portfolio contains 36 images & a QuickTime movie!



Christine, Cooked!

This set features our newest model, blonde and innocent Christine, as the main course of a scrumptious cannibal roast. Pictures show the dinner-to-be hog-tied, trussed for preparation, laid out in a roasting pan, oiled, stuffed, garnished, and cooked. A truly delicious presentation!

This portfolio contains 39 color images.


"Baked Blond!"

Courtney Taylor dropped by our studio and we invited her to stay for dinner! Of course, she didn't understand that we meant she would be the main course... We roasted her to perfection in our stone oven, bundled up like a human poultry, and she turned out to be quite delicious indeed!

This portfolio contains 40 color images.



Joey & Roxanne in "Barbecue Party!" - part 1/2

In our very first comic book style portfolio, Roxanne and Joey are left to choose which one of them gets roasted for their club's big party. A flip of the coin determines the winner (or loser). Part 1 of this 2-part portfolio shows all of the usual preparation shots -- with the added bonus of dialogue!

This set has 39, comic book style, color photos.



Joey & Roxanne in "Barbecue Party!" - part 2/2

In the 2nd part of our comic book style portfolio, Joey prepares Roxanne for roasting and then she seals her inside the hooded barbecue. While her friend is cooking along, Joey gets turned on by the aroma and has to service herself. Finally, Roxanne is basted some more and then served...

This set has 40, comic book style, color photos.



Witch's Brew!

D'arby and Lydia star in this special Halloween-theme set, featuring a sexy witch and her drugged victim. In spite of casting a spell over D'arby, a struggle ensues and Lydia has to push the tasty redhead into the cauldron. All ends well though (for the witch, at least! :-) and D'arby ends up boiled alive.

This portfolio contains 40 images.



Ami Emerson in "Smoker-Cooked Soccer Girl!"

Women's soccer player, Ami, goes to try out for a new position! Unbeknownst to her, that position is as the main course for her team's annual bbq... While not too pleased about this turn of events, she accepts her fate and submits gracefully. She gets cooked in a smoker grill, trussed in a hog-tie and garnished with slices of eggplant.

This portfolio contains 43 color images.