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"Hairless Ham!"

Hair today, cooked tomorrow... DeeDee arrived in our kitchen ready to roast (other than her eyebrows, she had no hair at all) and she looked delicious! Naturally, we couldn't resist. We baked her in our oven, trussed up like a whole hog, and served her with sweet peppers.

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



"Violet, with Black Pepper and Pineapple"

We met Violet on a trip up the coast and thought she would make a great meal. Luckily for us, she turned out to be gullible and completely bought our story about just being photographers and only wanting to take pictures. As expected, she was delicious!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



"Codi and the Cannibal Dining Society" (part 1 of 2 parts)

This portfolio features Codi Vore as the lucky entree who gets to experience all of the sensations of being prepared as a meal before having to go through it for real. It's a convoluted story and best enjoyed if you take the time to read our captions...

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



"Codi and the Cannibal Dining Society" (part 2 of 2 parts)

The 2nd half of this portfolio features Codi Vore as the lucky entree who gets to experience all of the sensations of being prepared as a meal before having to go through it for real. As before, it's best enjoyed if you take the time to read our captions...

This portfolio contains 46 color images.



"Exotic Rump Roast!"

Kendra James lures Klara into her kitchen and prepares her as whole hog. While not able to resist playing a little with her food, Kendra does get down to business, laying Klara out in the dish and propping her hips up, before sliding her into the oven to roast. Simply yummy!

This portfolio contains 43 color images.

"Darcie Grills Lana!"

Wicked Darcie Dolce captures Lana Violet for her dinner. She seduces her, with hints of a passionate lesbian affair, all to make her more docile. But sex is not what Darcie has in mind and Lana gets live-grilled over an open fire!

This portfolio contains 45 color images.



Here is where we will be reviving our older portfolios, for those who may have missed them the first time around. To make things just a little more fun, the image-sets in any of these eight "slots" (portfolios 9 through 16) are subject to change at any time -- with no posted schedule or prior warning -- which means that it is possible for a change to take place while a subscriber's one-week of membership is still active. If this should happen in the slot you had purchased, you would get the new contents (a second portfolio) without needing to pay for it because your access was still working when the change happened. No promises though, as the current contents in any slot could be here for just a week or stay up for a few months... Good luck and enjoy!

The past portfolios of the moment are...




Paris in Plum Sauce!

Paige prepares Paris using an old French family recipe: After oiling and stuffing the body, she trusses her bird in a roasting pan with the limbs spread as widely as possible. Then she tucks Paris into the oven, glazing her skin with a tart plum sauce, and roasts her up to perfection. Yummy!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.




Megh comes back, this time as a live-roasted turkey-girl! Jewell and Cleo are the chefs in this quirky cannibal story that goes from cage to serving dish. Each photo has a caption (below the picture and not in the image area) that was written by Megh, herself. A funny, sexy set that's tasty too!

This portfolio contains 44 color images.



"Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!"

This special Halloween set features Chanta Rose as a sexy witch, boiling up the gothic and exotic Mz Berlin in a bubbling cauldron of troublesome brew. The story begins with Berlin offering herself up as a resigned sacrificial victim and then Chanta slowly lowers her into the frothing pot. Haunting...

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



"Prime Cuts 2!"

Another in our intermittent series of "cuts" portfolios, this set contains out-takes and full-sized Pics-of-the-Week from portfolios 120 through 142. With a total of 56 images, we made this one extra fat... A fun way to sample our fare or to round out your collection!

This portfolio contains 56 color images.



Lena Ramone in "Vertical Spit-Roast!"

Lena Ramone makes her second appearance as an entree at Muki's Kitchen, this time in a solo set, as a skewered and vertically spit roasted babe-kebab. Deliciously prepared and cooked to perfection, she turned out positively scrumptious! (burp... :-)

This set contains 40 color images.


"Which Witch?"

For our Halloween portfolio, Paige Richards & April O'Neil play Master Witch and Sorcerer's Apprentice, dancing around their cauldron, adding potions, and casting magic spells. Unfortunately, one vital ingredient seems to be missing... Paige corrects the situation by putting April into the pot! Now there's a delicious brew :-)

This portfolio contains 41 color images.



Oven Baked Bali!

Don't you just love a willing little piggy? Blonde bombshell Bali couldn't wait to get into the oven! This live-roast portfolio shows her preparing herself and holding still while being properly stuffed. A little worried toward the end, she took it well and we were able to cook her up perfectly!

This portfolio contains 40 color images.



Anastasia in "Brazilian BBQ!"

After being inspected, stripped, and dispatched, Anastasia Pierce is skewered on a spit and then vertically mounted in a specially-made barbecue cove. Kordelia Devonshire is the attentive chef, keeping Anastasia's rotating body well basted and glazed. A delicious woman, deliciously prepared!

This portfolio contains 34 images & a QuickTime movie!



Holiday Feast! (part 1 of 2 parts)

Jewell, Paige, and Candace are three chefs at a cannibal club and they've got a little problem... It seems that the club's hunting party came up blank and one of them will have to fill in for the missing entree! Candace draws the short straw and ends up on the menu. Part one of this captioned portfolio fills in the back story and takes us through the greasing stage of cooking prep.

This portfolio contains 43 color images.



Holiday Feast! (part 2 of 2 parts)

Jewell and Paige cook up Candace's headless body for a delicious cannibal feast. Part two of this set takes us from insertion of the thermometer, though trussing and roasting (with lots of glazing and basting!), to garnishing and serving. In the end, Candace makes a fine turkey-style roast!

This portfolio contains 40 color images.