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All Good Things Must End

As most have you have probably noticed by now, the Woman Eater Forum has not been working as it should. In fact, it hasn't really been working at all.

My guess is that the parent company (adultforums) has lost interest in these boards and is gradually withdrawing support for them. As features go awry or out of date, they are not being fixed or updated and simply cease to work. I guess it's the end of an era...

This addendum to the FAQ addresses this issue

What happened to the Woman Eater Forum?

Well, we are not exactly sure but whatever has happened it has happened to all the forums hosted on the adultforums and hotboards servers. This includes Gourmet Girls, Girl Flesh, Drum Beats, Femcans, the Vorum and the old Big Gulp as well as Woman Eater.

To be frank, hotboards and adultforums have been kind of like the Flying Dutchman for the last few years or so; a kind of ghost ship with nobody at the helm. It was probably just a matter of time before this happened. My expectation is that it is just going to keep getting worse and we will never see them restored to the way they used to be. In fact, I expect that it is only a matter of time until they disappear altogether, never to return.


Why keep the forum open at all?

I plan to maintain this page and the graphics on the forum as long as the URL remains valid. The only reason I am doing this is because the Woman Eater Forum is now over 11 years old and it has always been my wish to keep the very old links to it alive. As long as I am able, I will try to give this board a graceful and dignified exit. It's been a nice run!


Are you going to reopen the Woman Eater Forum at a new location?

We have no plans to reopen the Woman Eater forum at a new location. It had pretty much fallen out of favor anyway and was not getting nearly as much use as it once did. The virtue of the Woman Eater Forum was that it was an old forum and pretty much the first on-line forum for cannibals and vores. Everyone knew the location and it was where everybody went when something happened to one of the other boards. I don't think any of that would transfer to a new board at a new location. It just wouldn't be the Woman Eater Forum anymore, so why bother trying to relocate it? All good things must end, and it seems that it is that time for the Woman Eater. I am sure it will be missed, but there are other places to fill in for what the forum provided.


Where do we go now?

There are three main forums where it seems that most of the Woman Eater Forum users have all moved on to anyway. These are:


Disturbing Things Forum

The Doctor's Forum at Disturbing Things. It has a tendency to stop working on occasion, too, but usually comes back. It is now the Cannibal/Vore crossover forum, but unlike Woman Eater you must register there to use it.


Pulptoon Forum

This will replace not only Woman Eater but also Drum Beats. This forum is mainly for more "softcore" cannibal interests, but some vore interests are featured there as well.


Dolcett Girls Forum

For the edgier side of things there is Dolcett Girls. It is Dolcett, so there is more going on there than just gynophagia and Perro Loco takes a pretty much anything goes attitude as to topical content. Only underage fantasies are verboten there.


What other resources are there?


Muki's Kitchen Links Page

Active forums can always be found by clicking on the link to our sponsor's site and then navigating to their links page. Muki's Kitchen has graciously agreed to continue to host our banner and this page and their own links page is usually quite up to date.


Cookbook For Cannibals

Also has a fairly well up-to-date links page. If you don't find something at Muki's Kitchen, you might find it here.


I have a suggestion or a burning question that wasn't addressed here. Who do I contact?

Well, if it is really burning then you can email the Woman Eater Moderator at:

Be patient. It may take some time to respond.


Original WE FAQ

Now mostly useless, but here it is anyway


What is this forum all about?

As originally established, this forum was a discussion forum connected to the Woman Eater website. That website has been gone for a long time, but the forum has taken on a life of it's own and has become the most popular forum for erotic consumption fantasies.

As originally described by the forum's founder, this forum is about "Fantasies of Women being eaten by cannibals, monsters, aliens, animals or whatever." Discussions, stories and images of these things will be considered "on topic."


The forum looks different. Why is this the "New" WE Forum?

The original WomanEater Forum was deleted by it's original operator on September 30, 2003. This new forum was created later that same day. The look and feel of this forum has been setup to closely resemble the original forum. It has a new moderator and, now, a new sponsor. The biggest difference is that now there are no off-topic porn ads like there were before.


Do you guys really eat women?

No, of course not. It's all about fantasy. This forum is NOT about woman-hating. It is about loving women so much that you could just "eat them up."


What are the rules and terms of this forum?

The rules for this forum will be essentially the same as they were for the old forum. Here is a brief explaination of them.


We are going to try to keep this forum as spam free as possible. Spam will be defined as any off-topic advertisements. Posts that may stray from the topic at hand, but are still of interest to the readers and users of the board will not be considered spam. Ads for on topic sites, boards or links are also not (necessarily) spam. For everything else, the moderators will decide what is spam and what is not. Spam posts will be deleted as soon as possible.


Trolls are any posts intended to piss people off, to provoke confict or to start a flame war. Trolls will be deleted as quickly as spam.


This is an adult board. Kids, to be generally defined as individuals under 18 years of age, do not belong here. That also goes for adults who behave like children. This also applies to images or stories involving underage persons in violent or sexual situations.

4 - NO ADS

The prohibition on personal ads for (as Gary put it) ''Ritual Or Violent Acts'' will also be enforced. That means that if you put up a post asking for someone to kill and eat in real life, or asking for someone to torture, kill and eat you, then don't be surprised if your post is gone when you come back looking for the responses that you probably won't get anyway.


This forum, as was the old Womaneater forum, is intended as a cross-over forum between the cannibal and vore communities. It is not intended to be exclusively a vore forum or exclusiveley a cannibal forum. There will be times when one group is inactive while the other is active. Posts by the inactive group that the active group is ''taking over'' will be treated as trolls.


Why is there a password to access the forum?

In a word, SPAM. The forum has been under attack by spam bots and the moderator is getting tired of deleting the dozen or more spam posts in a typical day. While putting a password on the forum will not stop all the spam, it will stop most of it.


Where do I get the forum password?

Currently, the password is boldly posted right on the password entry page. You must type it in exactly as you see it posted (just the characters, don't worry about colors and fonts). For those of you who can't see what is in front of your face, here it is here as well.

The Password is: WE

The forum password may change from time to time, so if it stops working for you, come back here to check on the newest password.


What happened to all those advertising banners?

The WomanEater forum has been upgraded to a Deluxe paid forum. That means no more porn banners, popup ads or floating, blinking in-your-face advertising for off-topic porn sites that you wouldn't want to visit anyway.


This is a paid forum now? Does that mean that WE have to pay for it?

No! That's the beauty of this. The forum remains free to users just as before. It is now paid for by a sponsor who has agreed to pay all the costs of the deluxe, ad-free forum in exchange for putting their own ad banner on the forum header. It won't be an in-your-face banner like the old ones were. It will be very tasteful (not not mention, taste-TEE!). The ad banner is topical, and this is certainly the right place for it.


But there is still an ad banner on the page. What's that about?

Muki's Kitchen has graciously offered to sponsor the WomanEater Forum, both as a service to the WE community and as a smart business move for themselves. Their banner replaces the intrusive, non-topical advertising that was here before. The left half of the banner links directly to Muki's Kitchen. The changing right "half" links to the Picture Of The Week. By visiting Muki's Kitchen you support this forum's continued, spam-free existence.


Now that Muki's Kitchen is sponsoring the forum, does that mean that this is a cannibal forum now?

No. Everything else stays the same as it was before. This will continue to be a cross-over board supporting both the cannibal and vore communities.


What is Vore?

"Vore" is a broad term for fantasies and fetishes where a person is eaten, usually swallowed whole and alive, by some other person or thing. A more specific instance of this would be cannibal (cannibalism) fetish/fantasies where a specifically human person is eaten by another human, often cooked as opposed to being swallowed whole. This board supports both of these fetish types where the "eatee" is specifically a woman (i.e., an adult human female).

For more general information about vore fetishes (and fetishes in general) an excellent site to visit is Katherine Gates' Deviant Desires website.


What about animals that look like women?

These are known as "Furry" vore fantasies. They are not what this forum is about. Horses and Cows, Rabbits and Foxes, Deer, Wolves and Badgers are not women, even if they are drawn with boobs. If you are looking for Furry, a more appropriate forum is the Big Gulp forum.

Of course, the "eater" can be furry, or just about anything else. Just as long as the "eatee" is a woman as defined above.


What about women eating men?

That is off topic here. This forum is called the WomanEater Forum, afterall. Women Eating Men is just not the point here. Generally referred to as "FemCans", there is a more appropriate forum for such interests over at the FemCan Forum.


What about men eating men?

Well, now that is really getting off topic, isn't it? There do exist gay cannibal and vore forums. I recommend using Google, Yahoo or your favorite search engine to do a search.

Of course, female eating female is just fine. Just as long as it is an adult human female that is getting eaten.


How about a female alien?

Well, I guess humanoid female aliens are OK. Just don't push it.


Hey! Why was my post deleted?

If your post was deleted it was probably because it was in violation of one of the rules above. The other reason may be because it was blocked by the spam blocker.


Why was my post blocked as spam?

The Spam Blocker is a feature of the forum software. It scans every post looking for certain keywords or sequences of keywords. If it finds one or more of them in your post, it flags your post as spam and will not let you post it. It also may put up a nasty, threatening little page telling you that your ip is being tracked and that the spam police will descend on you and take you away. Don't take that too seriously.


How do I get around this #@*&!%# Spam Blocker?

Sorry, I wish I could tell you. The Spam Blocker software is automatic and the moderators of this board have no control over it whatsoever. There is no public list of keywords, and the forum editor does not allow access to monitor or change the keywords. Don't blame me for the actions of the spam blocker. There is nothing I can do about it. Excessive complaining about the spam blocker will get you treated as a troll.


How do I post a pic or link to this board?

First of all, understand that you cannot post an image to the board from your computer's hard drive. The image must first be uploaded to a freely accessible website somewhere on the web. Once there, you can put the URL of the image into the "Image URL" box on the post and reply pages. A URL is the address of a link that starts with "http://". Any image URL that you post must start with the "http://" (without the quotes, of course). The same goes for a link. The URL of your link goes into the "Link URL" box and the name of the link goes into the "Link Name" box.


What do you mean by a "Freely Accessible Website"?

That means any website that can be reached on the World Wide Web by a browser, either through a link or by typing the link URL into the browser, and without having to go through a login, firewall, proxy, verification, or a popup ad. That means that you cannot link to an image or file on Yahoo Groups or MSN, or in your Yahoo Briefcase or on Geocities. That also goes for other popup ad supported free websites like Geocities, such as Angelfire. There are also many hosts that block the posting of off-site links, so that won't work either. It also cannot be on your own computer, unless your computer has an always-on high speed connection to the web and is running webserver software like Apache or Microsoft Exchange server. The Spam Blocker also tends to reject any links to Yahoo, Geocities and Angelfire, so it is best to save us all a lot of frustration and just don't bother trying link to them.


My Link STILL doesn't work! What can I do?

Well, make sure that you spelled everything correctly. Did you put the "http://" at the beginning of your link? Also, the case of the letters you used (that means Capital and small letters) must match exactly, so make sure that those are all correct. Also, make sure that you have all the extenstions on the files right. If you are linking to a JPEG image then the file probably needs to have a ".jpg" extension on it. Most files are HTML and need to have either a ".html" or ".htm" extension on them. If you use ".htm" when the real extension is ".html" (or vice versa) then you will have a problem with that, too. There are a great many things that can go wrong when you are using the internet, so be sure to double check that you have everything right in your post before you hit the "send" button and most of the time you will be OK.


What happened to Gary Miller?

He's still around. He just didn't want to be bothered with running the board anymore. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for all he did over the years.


Who is the moderator now?

The moderator of this board will always post under the name of "womaneater moderator." That should make it clear. Calling yourself "womaneater moderator" when you are not will get you treated as a Troll and/or name-spammer and will probably get your ip blocked.


Did you post here before under a different name?

Yes, and still do.


Are You Muki? Are the Muki's also moderators?

No. The Muki's were offered to be made moderators, but they declined. They are sponsors only and prefer to keep it that way.


Who are you?

The New Number 2.


Who is Number 1?

That would be telling!


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