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Jewell Marceau in "Serving Suggestion"

Serving suggestion? You mean put it on a plate? After dispatch, Jewell is posed in a platter, with her tush raised and an apple in her mouth. During the cooking process, her body is garnished with pineapple rings and cherries. Yummy! Now that's how to serve a roasted girl!

This portfolio contains 43 color images.

Quinn Waters in "Just Asking For It... A Seated Roast!"

Quinn should have known better than to wear such a suggestive shirt! Once caught, graded, and tagged, her fate was sealed. Bound in a seated position and stuffed with a baby mango in her mouth, she was shoved into the oven alive and drifted off peacefully as she roasted to perfection!

This portfolio contains 43 color images.

Rollii, in "Harem Scare-em..."

Thinking that master just wants a little frisky fun, a slave-girl strips and then finds out that the evening may be a lot more enjoyable for him than it will be for her! Resigned to her fate, she removes her collar and submits. After being buttered, stuffed, and trussed, Rollii is roasted alive and served for dinner!

This portfolio contains 44 color images.


"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Grilling!"

Rollii is back, this time to grill her best friend Maddie for a delicious cannibal barbeque! After a quick and humane dispatch, Maddie's voluptuous carcass is inspected, greased with coconut oil, and then set on a grill to roast over a bed of hot coals. Let's all grab a beer and watch the fun!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.


Zoey Zimmer in "Fate of a Slave-Girl"

As a slave-girl, Zoey always knew that she would eventually be culled from the stable and end up on a table. Though surprised when told that her day had come, she saw it was an honor and submitted with cheerful grace. Llive-roasted in a smoker grill, she was served as the main course of a cannibal feast!

This portfolio contains 44 color images.


"A Thanksgiving Dinner to be Thankful For!"

As this year's Thanksgiving bird, London was kept caged and fattened up first. On the big day, she was quickly dispatched, brushed with oil, seasoned with black pepper, and slid into the oven to roast. Served with festive garnishes and trimmings, she was both sexy and delicious!

This portfolio contains 44 color images.



Here is where we will be reviving our older portfolios, for those who may have missed them the first time around. To make things just a little more fun, the image-sets in any of these ten "slots" (portfolio 1 and portfolios 8 through 16) are subject to change at any time -- with no posted schedule or prior warning -- which means that it is possible for a change to take place while a subscriber's one-week of membership is still active. If this should happen in the slot you had purchased, you would get the new contents (a second portfolio) without needing to pay for it because your access was still working when the change happened. No promises though, as the current contents in any slot could be here for just a week or stay up for a month... Good luck and enjoy!

The past portfolios of the moment are...




Kendra cooks Dee in "Dee-licious!" (part 1of 2)

Kendra James prepares and roasts Dee Williams in this turkey-style cooking portfolio. There are some new twists this time around and we think that everyone will be at least a little surprized. The first part takes us through dispatch, inspection, oiling, and trussing.

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



Kendra cooks Dee in "Dee-licious!" (part 2)

In the 2nd part of this story, Kendra finishes stuffing and garnishing her tasty bird, adds flavouring by draping parts of Dee with bacon slices, and even gives her a good-night kiss as she slides her into the oven. Dee roasted up nicely and was delicious!

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



"Codi and the Cannibal Dining Society" (part 1 of 2 parts)

This portfolio features Codi Vore as the lucky entree who gets to experience all of the sensations of being prepared as a meal before having to go through it for real. It's a convoluted story and best enjoyed if you take the time to read our captions...

This portfolio contains 42 color images.



"Codi and the Cannibal Dining Society" (part 2)

The 2nd half of this portfolio features Codi Vore as the lucky entree who gets to experience all of the sensations of being prepared as a meal before having to go through it for real. As before, it's best enjoyed if you take the time to read our captions...

This portfolio contains 46 color images.



Luscious Lena, Barbecued!

Zoe LeVane gets back at Lena Ramone, barbecuing her up in our smoker grill! This set also shows a new way to garnish a rump roast with the traditional banana. Needless to say, Lena turned out to be simply delicious and Zoe proved herself to be a true gourmet cannibal chef... Yummy!

This set contains 40 color images.


Kendra James, in "Live-Roasted Redhead!"

Kendra was in town again recently, so we caught her and carried her to our studio. She was roasted alive, in our rustic stone oven, and expired peacefully, midway through the cooking process. We served her with a decorative garnish of pineapple rings along her belly. Delicious!

This portfolio contains 40 color images.



"Pilgrim Thanksgiving!"

Agatha is a Pilgrim maiden whose luck has finally run out... In a Thanksgiving celebration that never really was (but you always wished it were so! ;-), she is prepared as the main course and ends up being cooked and served like the traditional turkey. The real turkey got off Scott-free and Agatha turned out to be delicious! Perhaps it's time for new traditions?

This portfolio contains 43 color images.



Nadia White in "Tasty Thanksgiving Treat!"

Fetish model Nadia White came to our studio for a photo shoot. At first she was rather taken aback by the fetish we were wanting her to pose for but, after a while, she saw the fun in it. We tricked her and, after doing her in quickly, we roasted her for real! Tasty...

This portfolio contains 41 color images.



Lena Ramone in "Vertical Spit-Roast!"

Lena Ramone makes her second appearance as an entree at Muki's Kitchen, this time in a solo set, as a skewered and vertically spit roasted babe-kebab. Deliciously prepared and cooked to perfection, she turned out positively scrumptious! (burp... :-)

This set contains 40 color images.



"Princess" starring Summer Cummings

Summer dances for her invisible master, aware that if her performance is good she will be honored by becoming the featured course of a sumptuous cannibal feast. She does her best and, much to her delight, finishes her show up in a serving platter! This is a live-roasting portfolio, with our "victim" happily knowing that she will be delicious...

This portfolio contains 40 color images.